Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez

Cristina believes in a better future for Texas and the entire Latino community.

“Texas’ young Latinos have the power to build a democracy that represents all Texans - where we celebrate our diversity as our strength and double down on a vision of equality for all people regardless of race or economic status.”



Cristina’s time, passion, and energy are directed into four important areas: Democracy, Immigration, Healthcare, and Economic Justice. Each area supports her underlying values of family, equality, and diversity. Every day, she fights for a Texas government for the people, by the people and healthcare as a right for every Texan.

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Civil Rights Leader

Cristina is a civil rights leader, author and community organizer forging a better future for all Texans. She is the founder and Executive Director of Jolt – a Texas-wide organization focused on energizing the Latino vote. She co-founded the Workers Defense Project (WDP), winning the passage of local and state laws protecting the rights of immigrant workers.


Blog Series

Cristina writes about issues, current events, and strategies for change in her blog series, “We, Texas!”